Ancestor Research Pages : Starter Package DOWNLOAD


DOWNLOAD 55 x A4 individual pages to Record and Organise your research in a Binder



These A4 size individual sheets will enable you to record the research on your Ancestors and organise that information in a Binder . They will allow for easy access to the information you already have and for ongoing research . The package consists of 55 pages :   1  of each sheet ( 27 pages )  Birth, Marriage, Death, Children, Siblings, Spouse, Ancestor Profile, Ancestor History, Ancestor Check list, All Ancestor Check sheet, Immigration, Residence, Letters/ Docs/ Heirlooms, Military, Tithe & Griffiths valuation,  Irish Census 1901 & 19011, UK Census 1840 – 1911, 5 generation Family Tree Chart.   You will also receive  4 extra of the following 7 sheets : Birth, Marriage , Death, siblings, children, Spouse,  Ancestor Profile.

This is a DOWNLOAD PACKAGE.   A physical Paper Version is also available.


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